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      Academic Brilliance Cornerstone (ABC) Educational Foundation is a California non-profit organization focused on supporting and promoting youth in the arts, athletics and academics. We started our service to the community in August 2018. In the broadest sense, we are committed to preparing our youth for the future of their dreams.



      Elevate our community members by supporting the pursuit of education, the arts, job skills and parenting skills.



      ABC Educational Foundation cultivates life skills through education, hands-on involvement and scholarships for the purpose of inspiring dedicated young people to fully engage in the journey toward their dreams and lifelong learning.


            Paul Young started developing his career with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Southern California. He then worked in aerospace as a software engineer for several years after graduating.


            Since the time of his graduation, Paul has been actively pursuing knowledge in the field of personal development and the science of personal achievement. His quest for knowledge on what makes people “tick” has led to a lifelong study in motivational skills, character building and focus on improving as an individual. Every day, he “walks the walk” and encourages others to do the same.

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           For the past 35 years, Kitty Yue has dedicated her life to her goal of helping students achieve the highest educational and academic levels. She strives not only to assist her students in achieving academic excellence, but also to motivate them to become better people.


         “Miss Kitty”, as she is affectionately known by staff, students and parents alike, began her teaching career in Hong Kong and continued to hone her skills in the fields of child development and child psychology by working at the South Hills Academy in West Covina, CA as their International Students Coordinator. Always however, her ultimate goal was to run her own school in the style she felt was best for her students. She believes that helping and developing children is her calling in life. Because of this, Miss Kitty leads with a style and determination that only someone with her life goals can do. The “tough but caring” environment she provides is then cornerstone of her success with her students.


          Parents praise and thank Miss Kitty not only for their child’s increasing academic achievements and growth, but also for their child’s improving discipline, maturity and noticeably better behavior, even their behavior at home!


“I belong with the children… this is my life,” says Miss Kitty.



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